What do Betta fish eat | Siamese fighter fish

They are glowing with vibrant colors on the fin and its an absolute awe to watch them swim away showing off their beauty and glamor… yes they are Betta fish!!

Thailand and Vietnam have been the native waters for these multicolored fish and have now become a popular aquarium fish.

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Betta fish have got their name from an ancient clan of warriors. Though so pretty and stunning to watch them you will be surprised to how devilish they could become to their own species. Mankind has clearly taken advantage of this aspect given to Betta fish by nature and stared gambling them over fights. which I think is a pity!


What do Betta fish eat !


If you think of adding color to your house by having Betta fish as pets, the very first question that pops up in your mind will be “ what do betta fish eat”? specially after learning their vigorous fighting skills you would what to feed bettas.


The main thing to know is how they behaved in their own habitat before becoming pets. Living in canals and flood plains can you make a guess on what do betta fish eat in their wild habitat? Yes they eat all sorts of water bound insects, worms and larvae of mosquitoes.


  • Live feeding:

based on the food consumed by fighter fish in their natural habitat fish lovers tend to feed them live food such as blood worms, insects, brain shrimp or even larvae of mosquitoes.

Where to find live food : blood worms can be found at local fish stores, larvae of mosquitoes might be an issue in finding in countries like USA but will not be an issue if you are living in an Asian country.

But I personally would avoid living feeding at any cost whether its Betta fish or Piranha feeding!

Another fact to consider is that since live food are not sterilized they can bring in lots of diseases to your tank and affect your beautiful fish.


  • Shrimp meal or fish meal 

There are plenty of commercial betta fish food for you to consider. These are rich in proteins which is a must for your growing Bettas. At the same time convenient to buy off the shelf.


  • Fish flakes :

The flakes are made out of dried fish and this is one type of food your pets will fall in love with. Most importantly it carries vital vitamins such as B complex and C. Good food and and good nutrients that wouldn’t disappoint you and keep you thinking on what betta fish actually eat


  • Fish pallets:

this can be another easy peacy feeding method for anyone. Makes sure you buy fish pallets that are specifically made for Betta fish. Unless you get these fighters to get used to fish pallets from beginning you will see that they would reject… specially once they are used to live feeding!


  • Frozen dried food :

if you can get your hands on dried brine shrimp you can keep them in the refrigerator and feed your pets time to time. Its easy and they would love it.



More Important facts to know as much as you worry about  what do Betta fish eat


  • Remember your betta fish has a stomach similar to an eye ball. just like piranha feeding over feeding fighter fish can be a killer.


  • Keeping plant roots add color and liveliness to the tank. It provides an awesome atmosphere but doesn’t mean that your fish will survive with the plants. They need high protein and fiber


  • Skip a day once in a while to get their digestive system work fine


  • Feed them a pea once in a while… remove the top layer and break a pea to small pieces and feed them. This will help your little once with their digestive system.


  • Make sure your fish are at the surface before you drop the food. They don’t like to be fed from the bottom of tank. So its as important giving the correct food

Few interesting things to know about Betta fish!


  • Betta fish were found initially in the standing waters of canals and flood plains in south east Asia such as Thailand and Vietnam.
  • They are a labyrinth fish who have an awesome ability of inhaling air around them. After facing frequent flooding and droughts the species has got accustomed in that nature.
  • Betta fish love to stay alone and swim on their own and have a comfortable and safe place to hide when they want to.
  • These fighter fish are able to cope up and survive in small spaces. However it doesn’t mean that they love to stay in small places, they are at their best in large aquariums.


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