The amazing Amazon | Home to piranha species



The amazon forest


The Amazon is indeed an amazing place nourished with so much of bio diversity and crowned as the world’s largest tropical rain-forest.


While covering a large territory of 9 regions the Amazon also known as “Amazonia” in English covers 60% of its basin within Brazil. The rest of the 8 regions are also covered within South America.


Currently over 3000 species have been discovered in the Amazon basin and with its amazing diversity more are being discovered every year.



The Amazon forest contains more than 50% of the total rain-forest area of the whole world.


With its vast vegetation there is a large amount of carbon dioxide that gets converted to oxygen on a daily basis which is why Amazon is also knob as the lungs of the planet.

However, the forest seems to be depleting year by year due to human settlement, global warming and its also in danger due to the development of the man kind.


The amazon waters


Only being second to the worlds longest river “ Nile” the Amazon river is the largest drainage basin of the world running across the Amazon forest. It is said that almost one- sixth of all fresh water drains into the ocean does go through the wide deal of Amazon which is about 320 km.


The main reason for its size is the fact that it runs across a tropical zone- the amazon forest where there is rain around the year.


This immense eco system is the home to some terrifying yet interesting creatures who make it a more extraordinary place in the world.



The Anaconda 


They are undoubtly one of the largest species of snakes in the world and give

anyone goose bumps with just the name being mentioned. These gigantic creatures usually found in the shallow waters of the great Amazon basin which helps them with their prey.

They are well known for their power to suffocate to prey before they enjoy their meal !



Freshwater fish



Our beloved Piranhas are one of the great lovers of the Amazon water basin. Apart from them there are other Amazonian fresh water fish such as Arowana, Bull shark & Arapaima.The Arapaimas are the largest freshwater fish in the world who have the terrifying habit of jumping and attacking their prey




Electric Eel

electric eel


Having the unbelievable power similar to 600 volts of electricity, these animals can even give you a heart attack with a jolt.

These carnivores love to have birds, other fish and small mammals as their prey.



Black caiman

black caiman


It is an alligator and know as the king of the Amazonian waters mainly due to their size. They have no problem in attacking humans even if they have to wait for months.