Red Belly Piranha Teeth facts


Red Belly Piranha Teeth
Red Belly Piranha Teeth

Piranhas are undoubtedly famous for their fierce razor sharp teeth. Read more about piranha teeth facts

They have surely been blessed with the triangular shaped razor teeth which helps them with their aggressive appetite for meat.

Their teeth are tightly packed next to each other and interlocked. This helps them to grab their prey and tear it in few minutes without any trouble.

Imagine a fish tearing apart a cattle ?? That’s how far these sharp teeth take piranha to ferocious level not usually displayed by fish.
In Brazilian¬† language piranha directly translates¬† to “tooth fish ”

It is said that the ingenious people have long used piranha teeth to make weapons and tools which clearly shows the sharpness and fierceness of their teeth

Piranha teeth are somewhat similar to shark teeth, but way too smaller in size of the body. While shark teeth are replaced one by one piranha teeth are replaced in quarters allowing these scary but amazing creatures to grab their prey in style

These are some of the interesting piranha teeth facts. Stay tuned for more..