Red Belly Piranha Feeding facts | A feeding frenzy moment

If you haven’t witnessed a red belly piranha feeding, this is how it looks like..

There is a common myth among lot of fish lovers that piranhas should be fed live. This video clearly shows that it is not necessary to sacrifice another animal’s life just to feed your piranhas.

As you can see, a dead fish is been fed to these young red belly piranhas. The whole pack of them make their way towards the raw piece of dead fish , while splashing the pond water. In few seconds the hungry sharp teeth will tear apart the flesh out from the prey enjoying the meal and strip cleaning it.

But this usually occurs as a result of keeping them in starvation and arousing their hunger for sometime to bring out the ferocious piranha in them. ┬áThis is a typical “feeding frenzy moment” where red belly piranhas gather in a pack to hunt down their victim