Piranhas are Eco friendly | Piranha Fish Facts

The name piranha can bring lot of terrifying visions to anyone from the memories of movie piranha. they have always been portrayed and recognized as deadly and ferocious fish by man kind.

Red belly pirahnas
Red belly pirahnas


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These  fresh water inhabits South American rivers and lakes and are from the Characidae family. Amazon which boast over 5600 fish species is the home to piranhas. Ever wonder why they are restricted to one part of the world ? Coastal river areas of South America is a kingdom for piranhas due to pororoca effect. It is a phenomenon that occurs due to the tide rises in rivers near coastal Rivers. As Amazon is supposed to flow at an altitude of 150 m, the pororoca results in killing large number of animals leaving them dead in the river making it a supper for these hungry animals waiting for a hunt.

They truly live by the famous saying survival of the fittest ! Not forgetting the great contribution to the Eco system where they live in. Did you know that it prevents diseases which would have otherwise spread due to the animals which die due to pororoca?? So these animals are not just deadly they are a strong part of the Eco system in South American rives and lakes.

Piranhas are supposed to have more than 50-60 species and even though named as Carnivore most species are fed on a considerable amount of plants and they are not strict Carnivores.

Out of all, The most Famous are the red belly piranhas  and like all other piranhas they too hunt in packs when they find a prey.

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