Few facts about piranhas | MUST READ

They have the worst reputation out of all the fresh water fish as insatiable killer fish. So much so that even the man kind is feared by them!

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The movie Piranha was created based on this wild reputation of Piranhas where a pack of dangerous Piranhas totally invaded a lake making it a happy feast for them. Other movies such as you only live twice, Piranha, Piranha II, Piranha 3D, Speed Racer are movies which portray these creatures as aggressive and vigorous predators who wouldn’t hesitate to grab a piece of human being and treat they as their prey
They are one of the creepiest and mysterious species in the fish world where many puzzles haven’t been solved by the even the latest technology.
There are many stories to say that piranhas have attacked humans and below is a piece of proof that have been discovered. An eleven year old boy eaten to the bone.

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One groovy fact about these fish is that they eat pretty much anything and if they cannot find a prey they wouldn’t hesitate to eat one out of their own kind! This is why you would see that sometime chunks of parts are missing in some Piranhas in your tank. They were just bitten by another hungry angry piranha who is probably stronger than the one which was attacked

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Did you know that your Piranhas can be singers too!!! Well they are supposed to make a bark like noise when they are being caught up by fisherman. This is not an experience I have come across ever. But the research has been done on this matter and it has been proven. It’s probably an indication or a warning given to the fisherman when they know that they are in danger.