Day 5-6 Baby Piranhas |  Red belly piranha facts

Red belly baby Piranhas.. Thousands of them..

When they reach about 5-6 days, even if there in the same tank as parent red belly Piranhas you will see that the parents leave them and let them grow on their own. There is also a chance of adults or the other piranhas in the tank eating them… They are quite wild when they are hungry and capable of making anything their prey so doesn’t really matter if it’s their own kind!

Since the baby piranhas are growing separately that worry is not there in our case… you can see them slowly growing up and happily swimming away in the tank.
As I mentioned in my previous update, when they reach this stage you still do not have to worry about feeding the baby piranhas.

Check out this video of mine and you will see thousands of baby piranhas occupying the whole tank. Make sure that there is sufficient space in your tank so that they can grow up in a very healthy environment. My tank is about 100 gallons where several times baby piranhas have been brought up in thousands.

But one point my dear friends, do not be so overwhelmed with the fact that you see a whole bunch of them as the whole bunch will not be able to make it to the next level. It’s normal for a large portion of them to die at this stage due to various reasons.

Thousands of red belly baby piranhas
Thousands of red belly baby piranhas


There is another small attempt by me at this stage to help these baby piranhas growing up.

There are lots of advice given online that we need to take out about 20% water from the tank d re fill with new water. But this is something I wouldn’t advice at all with my own experience! When you take off a large portion of water and re fill with new water, that might not agree with the babies because the water can be too cold and will not be good for your babies at all.

My good friend Jessy advised that we do a small experiment to keep the water fresh in the tank. So we started taking just a gallon of water from the tank and re filling it with the same amount of water from the parent tank. As you know my parent tank is seasoned so well and it’s an absolute paradise for the Piranhas to grow up!