Day 3 & 4 Baby Piranhas | red belly Piranha facts

So excited to see the little baby piranhas growing up!!

After 3 days you can expect the Piranha eggs to hatch. If you ended up having thousands of eggs your whole tank will be filled up with thousands and thousands of baby Piranhas with a tiny tail.

You can see some green around my tank. I would really advice to keep few plants inside to make the environment healthier for the baby piranhas to grow.

Up to 5 days you don’t have to bother trying to feed them. Usually up to five days you will see them with a small tummy which is the remaining of their egg yolk. That is sufficient food for them to start growing until they reach about 8-9 days.

Trying to feed them at this point is not the best thing to do as we should obey the laws of nature.. This is how the Piranha breeding takes place.

They should not be disturbed and you should allow them to grow on their own with minimum intervention.


WATCH this absolutely GREAT Video from HowStuffWorks on how baby Piranhas grow up in the Amazon river.


watch this absolutely GREAT Video from HowStuffWorks on how babies Piranhas grow up in the Amazon river. Similarly see how these little fingerlings ( baby Piranhas ) making their way out from the eggs to start their Lives. Even though there are thousands of them present at the moment , only few get lucky to survive ( with my experience ). Most of them die in their early ten to fifteen days.

STAY TUNED for the next post.. to see how Thousands of red belly piranha babies have occupied the tank