Day 2 – PIRANHA BREEDING | Piranha Eggs | Piranha fish facts

There are different ways of allowing the Piranhas to grow… I have tried them letting be in the pond where the adult ones take care of their own babies. But this time we thought of separating the eggs from the main tank (pond).. Let’s see how this turns out. these are some great piranha fish facts

Red belly piranha eggs

When you transfer the water make sure that you don’t fill it too excessively. It’s wise to keep 10-12 inches free from top and start filling up water. The reason is that when you fill too much of water the deeper it gets the colder it becomes and that will not be a very healthy environment for Piranha eggs for sure.. The new tank should be equipped with a sponge filter to allow the correct amount of oxygen to be maintained in the tank.


When you take the eggs out of the parent tank, gently use a tube and suck the air in so that the eggs will slowly float through the tube and then they can be transferred to the new tank. Taking them with a net is something I wouldn’t advice..

Piranha eggs | red belly piranha facts
Piranha eggs | red belly piranha facts

Well the most difficult thing to handle at this point will be to handle the parent piranhas who become extremely aggressive the moment the realize that you are taking away their piranha eggs.. This is one must know piranhas fish facts !!


They will start playing tantrums all over the tank and you need to be extra careful at this point. One wise thing I would advice is leaving some eggs with them rather than trying to grab the whole lot from them. When there are more than 1000 Piranha eggs there is no reason to be greedy and take them away from the parent piranhas. Let them grow their babies on their own too! I decided to take the eggs away the next day itself and that it probably the best thing to do..