6 weeks old baby piranhas | red belly piranha facts

As I have mentioned in my last post. Only a few survive the battle and get through the first week. Out of all those thousand baby piranhas, only 6 crossed the hurdle of Death. But still I’m glad to see at least these guys growing up healthy. Now it’s time to worry about feeding your baby piranhas… out of different Piranha feeding methods I would recommend brine shrimp or egg yolk. Even though live feeding is recommended all over the world that is one way of harming your baby piranhas as it can lead to spreading diseases to your pets.

6 weeks old red belly piranha babies
6 weeks old red belly piranha babies

But do not try to be too generous with the food as you start feeding them. Even though I have heard that they should be fed 3 times a day I wouldn’t really follow that because that can be over feeding.

I feed them once a day as in the morning, if you are feeding them egg yolk, make sure to take only half an egg yolk or even less than that, since a full egg yolk daily might cause to water to inherit bacteria. I personally prefer brine shrimp as they have proven to be healthy especially in the 1-3 weeks.


So one point to remember is that as much as you want the baby piranhas to be healthy and start growing up you should always make sure not to over feed them so that they can die due to indigestion. They do grow very fast even if you feed them once a day. These lucky ones are about 6 weeks now and are 100% fit and healthy. However it’s important to check the condition of the water of your tank on daily basis and have a sound filtering system for the red belly youngsters to start showing their colors.


Stay tuned for exciting red belly piranha facts.